French Relaxation

I love the concept from IKEA. No one really enjoys the uncomfortable seats at bus stations and train stations. A Paris Metro line has 3 stops where IKEA has placed several couches along the wall for passengers to wait in style. I think the major thing that works with this campaign is that the wall panel depicts a household backdrop. The picture (left) shows a large colorful bookshelf complete with a large collection and a stereo system. The furniture then “pops out” from the wall allowing you to sit down and even turn on a lamp to direct light to your newspaper. People might think setting your product out in public would just be calling for it to be destroyed. Of course, in the U.S. that might be a concern. I’ve never been to France to know how much respect would be paid to the soft fabrics and plush cushions. Just remember that advertising costs easily stretch beyond $100k to $millions (in this case euro), so the highly effective concept actually doesn’t create a very large expense when you consider the entire budget for a brand like IKEA. So pull up a cushion and enjoy your wait for the next train.

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