NCAA Round 1, Day 1

Murray StateThursday was the first day of the opening round in the Men’s Division 1 basketball tournament. So many unexpected results, watching the games would knock anyone out of their seat. In the east, Wake Forest hit a shot with 1.3 sec remaining in overtime to seal a win over #8 Texas. Washington represented the Pac-10 by pulling a win out from under #6 Marquette. Old Dominion won 51-50 over #6 Notre Dame in the south region. Robert Morris gave #2 Villanova a run for their money, as the Wildcats escaped with a 3 point overtime win. More upsets happened out west as Murray State scrambled back to knock off #4 Vanderbilt, 66-65. And perhaps the most shocking of all games today, #14 Ohio out hustled, and over played the Georgetown Hoyas for the entirety of the game. I had picked the Hoyas to go as far as the Midwest regional championship, so many people, myself included had an interesting and exciting day of college basketball to watch. Sadly I missed the games, but saw the recaps on ESPN. Tomorrow I am watching while I pack my bags for Portland.

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