Top 10 Reasons to Call PDX Home (for your business).

Photo Credit: melissamcclure.netFast Company just ran an article about entrepreneurial business start-ups and the reasons they choose to call Portland, Oregon home. Here is a quick recap with some of my additions.

  1. You love rainy Sundays and beautiful summer evenings
  2. You easily impress west coast venture capitalists
  3. City government funding and tax incentives for new commerce
  4. Aggressively independent “DIY culture”
  5. Creative and energetic people who live for the moment, but also understand the importance of strategic planning.
  6. Smaller and more navigable than New York, California, and Washington metros
  7. Home to incredible restaurants, coffee houses, and bistros.
  8. We love technology and welcome it, even if we are not experts…we can learn.
  9. Green state + green trees + green business =smart energy & efficient technology
  10. When the sun is out, the landscape is breathtaking, and when the sun goes down, the city is still beautiful.

Check the full article here.

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