The Shootout in Salt Lake

Tonight’s Sweet 16 game between Xavier and Kansas State was a complete shootout the entire way. More than 17,200 watched as the two teams traded baskets each way until after 50 minutes of playing time, including 2 overtime periods, the Wildcats came out on top 101-96. Kansas State certainly earned the victory, playing hard and keeping the game close. They trailed at the half by just 1 point, and came out strong to set the pace of the second half. I watched with amazement as Xavier hit big 3-point shots one after another down the stretch. With 5 seconds left, Terrel Holloway made 3 free throws look easy and forced the first overtime. Xavier took a quick overtime lead, before allowing Kansas State to charge back for a 87-84 lead. Then with under 18 seconds to play, sophomore Jordan Crawford made a miracle shot from well beyond 35 feet which sent the two teams to battle for a second 5 minute overtime. Crawford finished with a career-high 32 points, and Xavier played an amazing game, showing they are both a defensive and offensive threat, especially with their 43% shooting beyond the arc. The five leading scorers combined for 132 total points tonight making this one of the most exciting games I’ve seen in the NCAA tournament.

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