Tips for Life

I was not busy slipping through airport security on my way to Mexico or Las Vegas this spring break, but I did something every person should do this time of year — spring cleaning! First thing was to recycle all my old class notes that will be meaningless by next month. I saved the assignments and reports that show my work ethic and writing skills, tossing the rest aside. This recycling frenzy included magazines, from which I rediscovered a summer issue of Men’s Health featuring Josh Duhamel. The cover story, which apparently took me 6 months to get around to reading provided some insightful keys to life from the actor.

  1. Remember to goof off – make the most of your downtime by doing whatever entertains you.
  2. Stay humble – learning and self improvement is continuous
  3. Finish what you start – if only people had this attitude about school projects, group work would be so much easier.
  4. Don’t rely too much on what God gave you – natural talents and reasons for success won’t last forever, so apply yourself in other areas.
  5. Raise the bar – respect every project thrown your way and outperform expectations; if its simple work, challenge yourself to do more than the minimum.

It’s a long list so I’ll skip a few. Request an old copy of the mag if you want more, or find online.

12. Emulate, Don’t Hate – admire other people in your industry who do their jobs well.

13. Be yourself – the classic

14. Learn to accept rejection – setbacks can make you more determined and more aware.

17. Make time for your posse – try to connect with old friends at least once or twice per year if not more.

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