ASICS understands the bASICS of Advertising

I am absolutely loving the new campaign from ASICS. They deliver a clear message: “running in our shoes makes all the anxiety/sadness/stress/worry in your life disappear”. Running in ASICS is cleansing to both the body and mind (benefit) and is essential for fitness and health (value). ASICSI used to work in a sporting goods store selling dozens of shoes each day in the athletic department. The one thing my employer taught me the first week was that ASICS pretty much outperform the competition in terms of a high quality shoe. Every other brand that focuses on style, price, or “classic” looks often ends up with a lower quality shoe that may or may not be a good fit for your individual feet. Of course, I’ve still never purchased a pair of ASICS. (What am I waiting for?) Just last Wednesday I was out trying on shoes and I think I better head to the nearest retail outlet and pick up a pair of these. Congratulations ASICS, the campaign should be a success. ~ One new customer

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