Scandinavia TV, there’s an app for that

People of Lava out of Sweden have developed the first Android television. The company designs and creates  high quality televisions and other home-entertainment devices. I was absolutely amazed when I learned about this today. The device will enable seamless integration of all your favorite applications including Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter, and you can check email and weather updates.

Personally I think this development is awesome and I will definitely look forward to when it comes out later this year. Of course I probably won’t have the money for it, and will have to settle for being a late-end early-adopter. The fact that I can satisfy my internet video craving while relaxing in front of the television seems like it would effectively bring organization to my chaotic laptop life. I use my laptop for everything and often find I am unproductive because of all the various entertainment options online. Very easy to find yourself on Twitter, followed by a StumbleUpon link, followed by your favorite magazines video digest all while you should be uploading an assignment to Blackboard and downloading lecture notes.

This kind of television would add to the experience in the living room and make computing in the home office more efficient. What do you think? Would this product make as much an impact in your life? Do we need to detach entertainment from our computers to be more productive?

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