Top 3 things to do with old Textbooks

As the academic year approaches its – maybe not so grand – finale you might find yourself in a similar situation. A handful of textbooks that will not be repurchased by the university bookstore. These books which may or may not have been useful for our courses cost anywhere from $100 – $400 each term and even the 40-50% buyback prices typically only present us with enough money for dinner in the evening. I’ve realized my collection of unsellable textbooks has grown over the years and now includes such titles as Exploring Visual Culture, The West in the World, and Information Systems Today (from 2006). Many of these books will never be used in a classroom again, but I have decided to put them to excellent use. I plan to contact my local library to see if they will accept the great condition books as donations. Surely there are people writing reports about visual culture and communications. Perhaps a 5th grader needs information about the Roman Empire, or World War II. I encourage students everywhere to save the textbooks which were most beneficial and discuss subjects you may reference in your chosen occupational field. Second, check to see if you might be offered $40 to pass the book on to a fellow student. If these options are not satisfied, look to a library or local donation center. No one needs a stack of unused – or worse, uninteresting – books in their attic.

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