The Art of Time Travel

Traveling through time and space has never been easier!

Millions of people use Flickr for editing, tagging, and sharing photos with friends and family. Many amateur and professional photographers use it to display their work attract new clients. Now, Microsoft is using its Bing Maps service and integrating creative commons photos from Flickr. Users who have posted and mapped photos under the cc licensing allow Microsoft’s Photosynth technology to stitch these images into their proper place. Right now the functionality of this service is in a trial stage using large west coast cities including Seattle. What is most exciting about this service for me is the ability to actually travel through time to 1975.

Seattle 1975Or you can go even further back to view classic cars from 1919.

Seattle 1919This is something that even the revolutionary and sometimes laggy Google Earth did not accomplish. Taking it a few steps further, Bing has implemented World Wide Telescope data to project an accurate image of the night sky. You can now see the stars above Seattle, even from downtown on the most cloud covered night.

World Wide TelescopeIn addition to all this, the people at Bing have been playing around with video capabilities as Blaise Aguera y Arcas demonstrated live at a recent TED talk These integrative and community oriented developments from Bing are transforming the way we search. I look at Microsoft continuing to dominate the move toward a Web3.0 world.

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