Sure, I could live without a car for a year, if…

Opt for cheaper, more sustainable transportation options.

Freshman year of college, I lived on campus where 95% of resources needed to survive and accomplish daily tasks were available. Living on campus at a large university is like living in a bubble really. You hardly watch television because you are too busy with school work and extracurricular obligations. This means you never know what is happening outside that 2 mile radius. Then you get a brilliant idea. Read the newspaper several times a week. Too bad you are a poor student who can’t afford a subscription and the most circulated news is the student run paper’s sports section. Then you read online articles, but the linking gets out of control and you find yourself procrastinating on assignments because you are trying to be a good citizen. I digress from that tangent to say living without a car is possible in small areas with all the necessities in easy reach, and a busy lifestyle to demand all your (would-be) leisure time.

In a suburban environment where your office is 10 miles east and the grocery store is 5 miles west, a car is more a necessity. Why? Because as great as public transportation is, it can’t get you from A to B in anything under 2 hrs 12 mins…one way. Basically, if my office were downstairs from my apartment and the grocer was around the corner, and (major and) I had little to no social life, I might live without a car. Just go get a hybrid with at least 40 miles battery range and feel better about helping the planet.

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