Traveling to re-energize my job search

Two months ago I was excited. I had a job for 3 years during my time at the University of Oregon. During that time, I met hundreds of people and many co-workers became some of my closest friends. I was about to graduate from college with an education that I thought differentiated me from my peers. Where others were focused and studied one subject intensely, I found interest in multiple disciplines and made an effort to discover the ways these subjects overlapped. I felt like my knowledge from the business school, journalism school, economics program, and science departments all contributed to making me a well rounded individual capable of discussing many issues to uncover solutions.

The economy is chaotic and it leaves me unemployed hearing conflicting stories. On one side, I am told to wait until I discover an opportunity that I am truly passionate about. On the other side, I should be happy if I can put my degree to good use and take a job at the local movie theater selling tickets. Graduates don’t have enough experience to satisfy employers. Those with experience are told they are too old and “won’t be challenged” in the positions they are applying for. In this bewildering job market, I am thankful to have my family to come home to, where I can live basically for free until I find full-time work.

While I had high hopes for networking, volunteering, and meeting people through events and interviews this summer, the time has gone very quickly and nothing has developed. Messages are not returned, resumes are consumed by the blackhole job-database, and the alumni resource calendar is empty. It is for this reason that I am getting some fresh air and re-energizing myself with a one week vacation. It will be a chance to stretch my legs, clear my head, and return with a plan of action for the remaining weeks of summer.

My diploma should arrive next week. I have a frame on my wall just waiting to be filled. Maybe once I see it and return home, the progress I had hoped for will slowly start to emerge. While it doesn’t pay now, I am certainly passionate about travel, so that is exactly what I am going to do.

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