Content is King: managing a digital campaign

First off I would like to note that in school you learn nothing about the real world. Maybe a few things that will help you succeed, like how to behave responsibly, how to write, and how to collaborate (at least I hope some people figured that all out). Through all the marketing courses and completion of a minor from the school of journalism, I heard countless alumni and business professionals preach the importance of social networking, engaging with customers, fostering relationships in online spaces and making it all relevant. Who can blame them? Such topics are on their mind every day as they get pushed in the deep end by a society that tunes out corporate messages in traditional media. One thing that seems crucial to me now, but never came up in a classroom setting is CMS or content management systems/software.

For an entrepreneur, growing business, or mature corporation cash is king. At least that is what I have been told countless times in the business school. Using that cash to make an investment in CMS seems like an important task if companies want to ensure survival amongst all the data an online campaign can create. Mobile, social, email, SEO, analytics: it takes a lot of labor hours to sort through it all when the company is large or growing. Agencies and corporations alike need ways to focus on establishing plans, objectives, and strategies for a successful campaign effort. The technology remains a key component with an array of options out there. Just ask IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Lyris, Mediaspectrum, and alfresco. Some of the leading companies offering technological solutions so agencies, marketing and IT departments can do what they do best.

While college didn’t even mention CMS, it did prepare me to think about content. That is after all what will keep a customer clicking your links, watching your videos, and buying your products. So I leave it to the seasoned professionals to share knowledge with a recent graduate. How is your marketing agency/department managing all the content and data of a campaign?

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