Life Is What You Make It – Peter Buffett

“From those who much has been given, much is expected.” I received an autographed copy of Peter Buffett’s book about life as a college graduation gift. Published in April 2010, the discussion throughout is both timeless and relevant to the struggles people encounter as they find their way in life. As someone still uncertain about where my place in this world will be, Buffett’s narrative of how he and others stumbled upon their callings was just what I needed to read. Most of us are looking for a way to make a contribution to society. We long to feel that the work we do and the life we lead is both meaningful and fulfilling.  This book will challenge your notions of what drives success, and ask you to consider just what “success” may look like. You will laugh at Buffett’s brief adventure in real estate, only to realize you probably made a similar mistake at some point in your life. Reference to the story of King Midas teaches us a lot about the important things in life, while “it seems to be an ingrained facet of human nature to confuse what we really want with what we think we want.” Since life is what you make it, I would highly recommend reading this book to students, professionals, and those looking give something to the world. You might be surprised that it doesn’t take billions of dollars to contribute and be successful. In fact it might just take four simple life lessons and values.

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