Titanium Heart Coffeeholics

As I post this there have been distractions from some of the 12+ tabs open in my browser as well as the 3 other family members streaming into my room to say something. Perhaps those reasons, plus the stack of newspapers, magazines, and books sitting around asking to be read, caused me to miss a post from last week, meaning I have already fallen behind on my all important new years resolutions. I guess that is why some prefer to call them goals.

Today I found these short comments on MyStarbucksIdea. They made me laugh, especially that last one from a chilly New Yorker named Billy. Anyone who spends $1,500 on coffee each year deserves something special. Maybe a framed piece of old Starbucks counter-top, or a vintage logo wall clock. Certainly not a free coffee maker, because this man never brews his own cup. At any rate, something more exciting than a $4 coffee which he obviously doesn’t need.


You should see a doctor

Coffeeholics Anonymous

I promise not many more posts about Starbucks in the near future. There is plenty of other news I am busy devouring. Maybe some of it will end up here.


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