Tattoos & Microbrews

On May 1st, Parade published some statistics about cities and states in “America By the Numbers”. Oregon and its cities appeared more often than other cities and states in the categories listed.

Portland, Oregon is considered to have the “Best Bike Culture” suggested by a U.S. Department of Transportation report.I mean how many cities really maintain a working Bike Plan?

Oregon is among the top five most physically active states along with Colorado and Minnesota. Despite the rain, we love to run and be outdoors. Skiing on the mountain, biking in rural and urban terrain, and hundreds of great hiking spots. Also home to Track Town USA and headquarters for athletic companies like Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear.

If there is one thing you can find plenty of in Portland, it’s apparently tattoos. The city comes in fifth behind famous places for ink, Miami and Las Vegas (ranked 1 and 2). When you consider the free-spirited Northwest culture, the artistic and the creative, it’s not hard to believe. Yelp lists 114 places around Portland for piercings and tattoos.

Finally we have the bizarre claim that the city of Springfield is home to the most strip clubs per capita. This comes from an old statistic that the city has 9.3 strip clubs per 100,000 residents. As of 2009, Springfield only had 58,000 residents. It’s mostly a boring town where all the state’s strippers and adult shops somehow clustered for attention. At least city officials have the support of some British.

What was missed. Oregon’s collection of Microbreweries! You cannot live here without knowing some of these facts that place the state at the top in the U.S.

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