September 11, 2011

One year ago today, I pulled this collection of two photos and a digital rendering of how the 9/11 Memorial and new World Trade Center buildings will look when completed. The photos alone are significant and full of vivid colors, but I felt compelled to arrange them together. Remembrance and Heroism  join to give rise to Inspirational and Symbolic design in New York’s ongoing WTC projects.

The dozens of architects and thousands of construction workers who have spent the past decade creating and repairing the broken heart of the city are doing so not only for themselves, but so that each of us can enjoy a beautiful memorial on a historic space of land. When people visit this space, time will stop for a moment, while the trains continue to carry people toward the future.

After 10 years the National September 11 Memorial & Museum is opening to the public. I look forward to visiting the city and this site in the near future.

Years of architectural design and incredible engineering are captured in a truly inspiring and emotional six hour documentary special Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero. Produced by Discovery, Science Channel, and the help of Steven Spielberg.

The New York Times launched The Reckoning. An array of articles, facts, and personal stories. It will take many hours to view all the content in this collection.

Please feel free to download the full size desktop wallpaper by clicking the photo above. I do not claim any credit for the images and wish I could list the original photographers.


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